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How We Help Buyers
How We Help Buyers
Our commodity mix only contains sellers with whom we have either performed previous transactions with or whom we have thoroughly vetted.  Verification includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Specifications/analysis of product
  2. Quantity available
  3. Pricing
  4. Port of loading, and shipping terms
  5. Seller profile
  6. Export license*
  7. References of previous deal history **

*At the request of Parallel Commodities Trading after a safe transaction has been arranged.

**In the event that seller profile requires additional review.

How We Help Sellers
How We Help Sellers
If we are working with a new buying party, we must first feel comfortable with:
  1. Product specifications
  2. Quantity desired
  3. Pricing range
  4. Delivery terms
  5. Buyer profile*
  6. Buyer letter of mandate *
  7. References of previous deal history *

* Requirements vary depending on outcome of our due diligence.