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Commodities Available
Petroleum products, minerals, and metals are among the commodities we deal with.  Currently available commodities include (As of April 2013):
  • Rice (Various Thai varieties)
  • Gold bullion
  • Iron Ore
  • Low grade/High grade coal
  • Rail Scrap
  • African Origin Raw Cashew Nuts


Commodities Procuring
Commodities Currently Seeking
Parallel Commodities is seeking commodities to procure for our established clients. We currently have buyer commitments for the following commodities (As of April 2013):
  • Copper ore, copper sheets, copper bars (various specs)
  • Gold dore (various specs)
  • Silver (various specs)
  • Heavy and light fuel oils
  • Steel pipe (HSS)
  • Mazut M-100 GOST 10585-75